Chandler Auto Paint Jobs

Our paint department features a Blowtherm Downdraft heated auto paint booth and an Ameri-cure heated auto paint booth. Both paint booths are climate controlled. R-M® Diamont paint products manufactured by BASF, and a computerized color matching system are also used. Auto paint is a very complicated substance, and the application of it to cars requires extensive training and expertise to be done properly. There are thousands of shades and special attributes that auto paint can be composed of, and we are more than capable of applying it to your car. We have decades of experience in this field; you cannot find a better shop to restore the beauty and shine of your vehicle. We can mix and match any color, so come to us for your custom auto paint jobs.

Auto Paint Warranty

DuPont Warranty provides a lifetime warranty for auto paint jobs. While it is doubtful that a vehicle repaired with a quality DuPont refinish product will need a warranty repair, our Lifetime North American Refinish Warranty will set your mind at ease. It covers cracking, hazing, chalking, fading or peeling. With DuPont, you are getting the highest quality car paint finish in the world.

Steps to Refinishing a Car

Our professional painters have years of experience restoring and/or repairing the finish of cars. The first step in the refinishing process is chemical cleaning. The surface must be cleaned with a special chemical that removes all wax and dirt. The next step is sanding. This is done by hand or machine depending on the level of damage. Third is the featheredging. This step involves a type of sanding to gradually reduce scratches. After this is completed, the surface is re-cleaned again. Next, a primer surfacer is applied so the paint can better stick. Lastly, the primer sealer is applied to the vehicle – this allows for color holdout. This means the color will not sink into the old surface.

How We Paint a Vehicle

We can custom color match your vehicle by referring to our large stock of paint chips – we have over 12,000 in stock to match your car. Furthermore, we use specific formulas from OEM manufacturers to better match your specific model. We prepare for paint jobs by using manufacturer required instructions and procedures – this way we can ensure the guaranteed lifetime warranty. Once we are finished with your vehicle, we will polish and buff it. In some cases, we may clean, wax, and detail if necessary for delivery.

We are Eco-Friendly

At Chandler Auto Body, we use only the best and most environmentally-friendly paint system. Our Dupont Water-Based Paint System is eco-friendly with no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). These VOCs are regularly found in older styles of paint.

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